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Karytinos & Partners
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We represent domestic and international clients on a wide variety of corporate and commercial matters, investing and doing business in Greece.

Karytinos and Partners was founded in 1964 as an independent Greek Law Firm with a team of professionals committed to providing efficient and integrated legal advice and services to our clients.

We have extensive experience in consulting and making commercial contracts on behalf of our Greek and foreign clients in Greece and in other countries where we handle cases in association with local law firms.
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Karytinos & Partners

For almost 30 years we have formed close ties and collaborate with highly respectable law firms in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.  We cooperate for a long time with the same law firms in most of the countries where we handle legal affairs and we have personal relations with founders of the law offices and their managers. This enables us to offer to our clients excellent legal services and advice on legal aspects to be taken in business and the risk of trading in the Arab world, and in certain African countries.

Our firm has vast experience in handling cases in many countries outside Greece. Acting on behalf of certain State-owned Corporations and international Export Credit Insurance Corporations and their policy holders, including other well-known companies such as:






We handled cases referring to drafting contracts and settlement agreements regarding claims and disputes and finding ways of dealing with them in projects referring to construction, desalination plants, selling and installing machinery, etc. as well as the collection of our clients’ claims in close collaboration with our local associates in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Turkey, India, Egypt and other countries.

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We are a member of the Alliuris Group, an Alliance of International Business Lawyers composed of independent law firms in major World Centers that specialize in European and International Business Law.

In cooperation with the law firms of our above association, we could handle cases in other countries in Europe, in North and South America, Asia.


In association with the law firm BAHAS, GRAMATIDIS AND PARTNERS we could handle cases in various sectors of interest of the business world pertaining to the following areas of Commercial Law :

  • Aircraft transactions and Aviation Law

  • Mining, Oil and Gas – Energy Resources

  • Banking – Financial Services – Tax

  • Environment

  • Human Rights

  • White Collar crimes

  • Sports and Entertainment