International Services

In the globalized world of cross-border transactions, for over forty years and in close association with leading local law firm, we handle cases on account of international corporations and Export Credit Insurance Corporations and provide the following services:

  • Mediation, dispute resolutions
  • Negotiations, out of court settlements, drafting the settlement agreements
  • Litigation in the local courts at all levels in collaboration with our local associate law offices
  • Recovery of claims

In the following countries in which our law firm has an associate network:

  • Africa (Egypt-Algeria-Libya-Morocco-Sudan-Tunisia-Ethiopia-South Africa)

  • Middle East (Israel-Jordan-Iraq-Iran-U.A.E.-Qatar-Saudi Arabia-Kuwait)
  • Balkans (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia- Macedonia (Skopje), Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Kosovo

  • Eastern Europe (Slovakia-Czech Republic-Hungary-Ukraine-Russia-former USSR Republics)

  • Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, The Netherlands)

  • India

  • Turkey


Memberships :
  • We are a member of the Alliuris Group, an Alliance of International Business Lawyers composed of independent law firms in major world centers that specialize in European and International Business Law.

  • We are member of Acques Law Network Limited, the World’s Trade Credit Insurance & Surety Law Network.